Quality + Professionalism

Franchise Interiors is an innovative builder with a reputation for quality and professionalism. What sets Franchise apart is the unique combination of having the experience and capabilities of a large company meshed with the flexibility and attitude of a smaller organization. This allows us to tackle the most challenging projects anywhere in the Greater New York Metropolitan area on time, and on budget. Your project is important to us and as we grow, we will continue to take the hands on, service oriented approach that your project demands.

Franchise began in 2007 when current Franchise Principals Frank Lombardi and John Fiorino joined forces to serve the Westchester area. They have expanded rapidly in recent years based on successful relationships cultivated from unblemished results in many sectors including but not limited to Banking, Healthcare & Retail.


Experience + Attention to Detail

Construction projects of all kinds require a general contractor and construction management firm that understands the importance of great service and high quality. You require a construction company with the experience to attend to all the details, be on-site, and respond to your needs at all times.

That’s exactly what we deliver at Franchise Interiors.

From start to finish you can rely on the team of in-house project managers and engineers at Franchise Interiors to manage every part of your construction project. We make certain, down to the smallest detail, that we meet the highest standards because it’s your future customer who will be experiencing the finished product.


We believe our greatest assets at Franchise are the people we work with. We strive to hire and partner with only those who share this belief as ardently as we do. Cultivating relationships built on honesty and trust, with clients, partners, and employees has been a key factor in the success of Franchise Interiors.


Franchise Interiors has set and strives to live up to the high standards of personal attention, quality of work, communication, and professionalism that our partners deserve. Buoyed by this reputation Franchise has had the privilege of repeat business with multiple clients.


We at Franchise are committed to green building and sustainability. We offer our employees green building training and encourage the attainment of LEED Certification.


Franchise Interiors has an exceptional reputation for employing the best tradespeople in the area. Our sub-contractors are long-term business partners. We hold our sub-contractors to the same high standards of quality and professionalism as we do our employees.



Effective Safety Program

Franchise Interiors views job site safety as a moral imperative as well as a legal requirement. Our employees are our most valuable assets. We are 100% committed to protecting the safety and health of all Franchise employees as well as our trusted subcontractor partners. Compliance with the requirements of all regulatory agencies is secondary to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for all those associated with any Franchise Interiors project.

An effective safety program must have the full endorsement of upper management. Principals John Fiorino and Frank Lombardi firmly value safety as highly as quality and productivity. Performing a job safely is just as important, as is meeting a deadline and providing a quality product. In turn, a safe workplace leads to greater productivity and quality craftsmanship.

An effective safety program must also have the involvement and commitment of all Franchise employees. All employees, whether in the office or the field, share the responsibility for safety. This is ensured at Franchise by all employees following safe practices on and off the job while assisting their fellow employees in promoting safety and good health practices. To meet this objective, all levels of the organization must work together towards identifying, evaluating, and eliminating the hazards facing the employees of Franchise and our subcontractor partners.

Striving to meet the goals of accident prevention and risk management will always be a top priority here at Franchise. The benefits of working toward these goals will be reflected upon our organization, our clients, and, most importantly, the health and safety of all our employees.


Latest Technology Construction Management

Virtual Construction Management is the art of using a digital medium to manage construction jobs. Franchise has embraced the latest technology in order to add a new dimension to project management and help our client’s job sites run as efficiently and safely as possible. By installing state of the art camera systems on job sites we allow for multiple sets of eyes to keep track of job progress. This is great for making sure we stay on schedule while understanding exactly what is going on onsite. Virtual Management is also great for security and insurance purposes as DVR cameras record footage which is easily available for playback should any concerns or issues arise. Another added benefit of our virtual management capabilities is the fact that it pushes the green effort of Franchise Interiors as we can reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating a drive to a job site while monitoring the situation right from the home office, project manager Ipad’s or home computer.



LEED Certified

Franchise Interiors started building in the very community in which our founders grew up, therefore we know how to take care of every community we serve like it was our own.

Franchise Interiors recognizes that sustainability if it is not already at the top of the list of requirements, is rapidly moving up the agenda for our clients. Increasingly construction clients are looking for sustainable forms of construction and companies that operate in a “sustainable” manner. Franchise implements all reasonably practicable measures by using sustainable materials, preventing environmental pollution, conserving energy consumption, and complying with all current environmental regulations, legislation, and approved codes of practice.

Franchise actively seeks out LEED certified jobs and continues to offer employees the opportunity to become LEED certified.


LEED Certified

No two buildings or projects are the same at Franchise Interiors and we believe diversity is a good thing. In our quest to build top-quality structures, Franchise strives to create and maintain an inclusive environment that reflects the diversity of the communities in which we are fortunate enough to work. Our efforts toward this are evident in our internal recruiting efforts and commitment to seeking out MBE, WBE and VBE subcontractors. Here at Franchise Interiors, we strive to create a working environment in which everyone can feel like part of the team.



Quality and Professionalism

Franchise Interiors is an innovative builder with a reputation for quality and professionalism.

What sets Franchise apart is the unique combination of having the experience and capabilities of a large company meshed with the flexibility and attitude of a smaller organization.

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